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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Facing Any Giants?

Beginning Wednesday, March 1st, I want to share the story of the slaying of my giant in a four-part series called, Facing  Any Giants?

In sharing what the Lord has shown me through the journey of my particular trials, I hope you will glean some important insights to help you. 

This isn’t a story of cancer, but one of giants. Please don’t stop reading because you do not have cancer.  The giant in my life was not the cancer, but God used the cancer to help me focus on other issues He wanted to deal with in me. Once I dealt with that, the cancer was healed.

What the Lord showed me can be applied to your life and give you the peace you may be looking for in the midst of your trial.

This is a unique story and I know not all cancers are caused by giants, or lack of faith. Nor that they are all healed by getting rid of the giants.  But, some are.  Mine was and I praise God for it.

In His Hands,

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