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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Facing Any Giants? Part 2

Before the fourth treatment I was looking at the schedule for my chemo and realized they hadn’t given me a date for the fifth treatment. I asked the scheduling nurse and she said, she didn’t know why they hadn’t scheduled it and that it was an oversight. She would have to check into it. I needed to know, because before each treatment I needed to have a blood work done to make sure I could handle the chemo.

When she didn’t have it, I started thinking maybe the Lord had healed me. So, during the fourth treatment, the nurses and I were kidding around and I said something about not needing anymore treatments because they weren’t scheduled. Of course they laughed and disagreed. I didn’t know why, but seriously something (someone) was telling me that I wouldn’t need any more.

After the treatment, I went home to let it do its thing. I just kept wondering about the “coincidence” that they had not scheduled more. I called and asked them if they could schedule a PET scan before the next treatment. They agreed that was a reasonable request.

So, a week before they scheduled my “fifth” treatment, I went in for a PET scan. The results should be in the day of my fifth treatment and I would get them then.

That same week, during my regular quiet time with the Lord, He showed me something that changed my life.

He brought the story of David and Goliath to mind. I didn’t have to wonder why for long. I had been struggling with a situation for nine years with no resolve. I had become anxious and angry and it was eating me up inside because I couldn’t fix it.

Lovingly, God said, “You have allowed the situation to become a giant and when you did that, you diminished my power in the situation.”

Ouch! He was absolutely right! Of course God is always right. Why hadn’t I realized that truth? I felt horrible. I had grieved the Holy Spirit for focusing on the situation, instead of letting Jesus deal with it. I diminished the Lord’s power.

I repented for three days. Not because of condemnation, but because I felt so bad I had allowed it. Then the Lord showed me what to do.

Part 3 continues tomorrow.

God is faithful,

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